Letter to my Son

Dear Zach,

I wanted to start my letter to you with my all time favorite “snuggle me stories” Little Bear Hugs! poem.

I made a wish and it came true..

You’re my little bear to hug and kiss too.

You are the cutest bear I ever did see.

You’re sweeter than the honey from the bumblebees.

Your little bear hugs light up my day..

When you squeeze me tight that’s when I say …

You’re my precious gift sent from above

a RARE little bear who I will always love!


This was  my favorite poem to read to you ever since.  And now  when i whisper this poem to your ears every night it means lot deeper to me.

Do you know we waited for you.. like forever?.. 10 years!  we thought you will never come….but you did and we cant be more than happier! I couldn’t have better anniversary gift than a gift of life and that was you.

2014 was a rough road for us,  You have brought me in to a path that I never thought I would be taking… and that rough road has molded mommy to a better & way stronger person, that rough road made mommy look a lot deeper at the meaning of what life is all about…..That rough road we were in was not bad.. It is rewarding in many other ways..

My sweet boy , life does not promise anything to anyone but I will do my best to be the best mom to you.. I promise you that you will know and feel what is love and what is happiness…

I know we will have to get through those rough roads again,  but know that you will NEVER be alone. You will always have me all the way.. I love you son  with all my heart.

Thank you for coming into my life!

From your number one cheerleader, – Mom


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