Fun Spot Attraction vs Florida State Fair

Orlando is one of our favorite getaway town for the weekend.. We always have a great time spending a night over.& finding out what dad have in store for us the next day . Glad we did! we had so much fun at fun spot attraction 2 weeks ago.

After taking Zach to the Fair this made me realized Florida State Fair isn’t too fair! Children have to be 36″ to be able to ride rides.. & 32″ to be accompanied by an adult.. Zach was so ready for the rides but was told he can’t be on rides..nor us take him on rides…Well I guess state fair isn’t too fair for smaller children who happens to have dwarfism. I understand this is for safety issue? Or is it? but I was a bit hopeful that the state fair would be more accommodating to all families including smaller children that are able & would like to have fun. Smaller in size does not mean will not be able to… End of rant.

What’s fun at Old Town Fun Spot Attraction? Here ya go my 29″ 2 year old active toddler enjoying the ride of his life!




Yup he went twice on the same ride & have to change wheels 😊
He had a great time, it was nice seeing chillin in car & having fun! 😄

Captured moments 📷
Sunday, Feb 8th twenty fifteen

aahhh in the lobby
that smile
Goofy Zach !
Dad & Zach checking out the cho cho train



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