Zach’s first Adventure to the Philippines

I cant believed it is almost a year ago since Zach’s first Philippines trip!  It was so exciting and at the same time nerve wracking trip.  3 airport stops!

From Tampa – New York, USA 2 hours and 44 minutes to Beijing,China and to Manila, Philippines 16+ hours straight flight… and an hour flight going to our final destination Legazpi, Philippines . It is more than 24 hours travel time with a toddler! Some of my mommy friends asked me if I have lost my mind to even consider doing   but we sure did it… Zach was a trooper on the way – he slept most of the time during the longest flight and when he is awake I kept him busy with the iPad loaded with baby Einstein videos! it worked for us! he is a good traveling buddy!

Here he is at Tampa Airport – waiting for our first take off..

Waiting for our first flight with Grandma at TIA
DSC_0986 (2)
After traveling for more than 24 hours! face like this is priceless!  Just landed to our final destination. Legazpi, Philippines
DSC_0997 (2)
Our small airport – Surrounded with a beautiful volcano and mountains
DSC_0990 (2)
Zach & I
DSC_1002 (2)
Zach’s cousins welcoming us home! They are the sweetest!
Beautiful Mayon Volcano
With Auntie & ate Chloe

1622207_1416830105251506_3999101954275004757_n 1897919_1416763005258216_4299172008418872641_n 10259826_1416763168591533_4526662946787921050_n

During our first day stroll – Zach & I  at the Street of our little town called Legazpi

DSC_0231DSC_0235DSC_0240DSC_0234 10288766_1416763691924814_6962118416531125995_n10155321_1416763708591479_1853742027730200575_n

Zach already feeling at home in our Philippines house

C O U S I N S love
NO car seat needed

10155680_1416830448584805_4749454440225645877_n 10259802_1410748965859620_2940703230618557662_n

with my high school friends and our kiddos!
DSC_0504DSC_0506 and here comes daddy after one week he followed us!

DSC_0571 DSC_0585


DSC_0533 Fun in the sun!


Zach & Dad in the sreet of Legazpi – Holly week Celebration
re doing happy birthday song
yummy fresh harvested corn
After a good dinner date with our entire family! looks who’s happy!
With cousin in Manila

IMG_0176 IMG_0177 IMG_0170

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