one year after my son’s diagnosis

Thumbs up that’s where we at in our little journey in life right now. I can’t believe it was a year ago already when we were given Zach’s diagnosis. Last year this time I was broken, hurt, raw, worried and all the why my son,?why me?why us ?questions are repeatedly going on and on my head..honestly  I was beyond sad I was lonely. Until I found a whole community that made me feel I have a home ..I wasn’t alone or my son in this journey. My husband who doesn’t say these things very much suddenly said to me “we are given this child as a gift and we have to give out our best shot” I had to slowly wipe those tears on my face, start embracing our new path and accepting everything that comes along with his diagnosis. ..As hard as it was ..Its a lot easier to move on and appreciate and enjoy what we’re blessed with.  A trip to a restaurant recently sure give us joy: the waiter brings us our drinks and as soon as he puts down Zach’s drink , Zach tells him “thanks man” the waiter with confused look smiled and said oh your so welcome! Then turn to me and asked how old is he; before I answer  Zach replied two! & I second the motion I said yes he is two and yes he is small because he has dwarfism – I love educating people now, I truly enjoy it and I am very proud of my son.  A year later were thumbs up to this little man, we love every second of our life with him and wouldn’t change anything. He is our pride and joy . 


 One year later 8 things I have learned so far: 

1. I have learned having a “special needs child” doesn’t necessarily mean life is hard.  

2. I have learned to be his no.1 advocate, 

3. I have learned that I have hidden power. It comes up when needed the most.

 4. I have learned to appreciate and celebrate the simplest thing that my child accomplished.

5. I have learned At the end of the day what matter most  are 1. Was I able to let my child felt loved 2. Was I able to provide for my child needs.

6. I have learned that I have all this time in this world that I didn’t have before to read, write educate others, and learn medical terminologies.

7. I have learned to securely plan our future better. 

8. In this world Life goes on no matter what..


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