Letter to Zach on his Third Birthday

Dear Zach,

The day you were born was just absolutely perfect Florida fall weather.. it was a beautiful day. Three years ago this time I was 49 lbs heavier,  super pregnant momma to you. I didn’t know then how much my life had changed, but I wouldnt have it any other way.I am grateful to you my sweet son…


We celebrated your first birthday at Disney world where you smashed your first birthday cupcake. We had a great time. Disney world & a beautiful one year old son –  It was just just a dream to your dad and I.. you made it come true!


Because a lot of people loves you we had to celebrate it with them at the park  with “cars” theme for your first birthday party;  you were not feeling very well that day but able to enjoy the bubbles that your dad had prepared for you;

 On your second birthday;  we were freshly  given the diagnosis and during this time I will be honest with you.. It was difficult for your dad and I to celebrate .. but you have taught us to slow down and be grateful for what we are given;  your smiles; hugs and kisses surely reminds us the purpose of our life.  Dad and I took a day off from work and celebrate your special day at  Busch Gardens. You had a great time; enjoyed the small ride and surely enjoyed that ice cream! We continue a small celebration at home and you ate  a big slice of cheese pizza & smash your cake.. Oh yeah we had to re do the happy birthday singing because you blow the candle before singing was over.

Just because .. we had to party and celebrate you; We had a “mickey mouse” theme for your second birthday party at our house,  lots of new and old friends came to your party and I know you had a blast.

Three years passed by ..like a blink of an eye. Just hours away you are turning three years old!This year was sure an extra ordinary one, we are blessed in so many ways, we have meet so many new friends, there are those  friends that inspires us, those that became family to us, those that supports us, those friends that share the same journey, those long lost friends that reach out and those friends that stayed with us through and through. Yes we had overwhelming love & support; never had I imagine we will be meeting caring people all over the world…

This year you have started Pre-K , I am so delighted  you enjoyed going to school and playing with your friends .. I wanted to let you know that your teacher said you were very friendly at school, you greets everyone that comes in the door every morning.. you are a happy boy she said….  I am so proud of you.

I cannot wait to see you celebrate your birthday with your friends at school tomorrow…and on Saturday with your dearest friends.. I can already see your big smiles and this is all that matters to your dad and I – to see you smile

The best is yet to come my son!Happy third birthday!

Love you always


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